• What Did Bestiary Do Right in Path of Exile? [04/23/2018]
    We've all talked to death the various problems, bugs, or design flaws with the Bestiary league and its mechanics.
  • GGG Are Making Some Improvements To PoE Cosmetic Shop [04/19/2018]
    In Path of Exile, GGG announced that they're making some cosmetic improvements to the in-game microtransaction shop's layout and appearance.
  • Explosive Scorching Ray Elementalist Build - Path of Exile [04/18/2018]
    Now U4gm shares with you The POE 3.2 Guide For Explosive Scorching Ray Elementalist. And hope you can bring some help. This is a Scorching Ray and Death-Explosion build that I made mostly for fun and to fulfill my pyromania.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Is Your Best Bet [04/13/2018]
    FINAL FANTASY XIV is the latest version of the famous FINAL FANTASY series. This episode takes place in the world of Eorzea, a huge world in perpetual evolution, that you can explore with your friends through the Internet.
  • Beginners Tips On Path Of Exile [04/13/2018]
    As already announced, here is a little PoE beginner guide by community member Dennis.
  • U4GM Online Have Suffiecient Stock Of PoE Orbs [04/09/2018]
    A true alternative to Diablo III, Path of Exile offers an explosive "Hack'n Slash" game with an addictive game system as much as possible. Play as many as 7 classes among Templar, Witch, Shadow, Duelist, Ranger and Marauder and dive into a chaotic universe invaded by monsters, demons and more.
  • New FFXIV Tool Transforms The Real World Into Collection Materials [04/06/2018]
    The players of the acclaimed FINAL FANTASY XIV Online will soon be able to enjoy a new challenge thanks to the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO app, announced these days.
  • Path Of Exile Has Been Replaced By Path Of Exile: Royale [04/03/2018]
    Yet Grinding Gear Games decided to surprise everyone (seriously though) by turning their RPG Path of Exile into a free-to-play Battle Royale.
  • Return To The World Of FFXIV For A Few Days At No Cost [03/31/2018]
    A free sign-up campaign allows players who bought the game and registered their account for a return for 4 days. The event is open for a limited period of time, starting on May 6.
  • Return To The World Of FFXIV For A Few Days At No Cost [03/31/2018]
    A free sign-up campaign allows players who bought the game and registered their account for a return for 4 days. The event is open for a limited period of time, starting on May 6.
  • Path Of Exile: First Possible Skill Revamping Patch [03/29/2018]
    A new entry has appeared on the official Grinding Gear Games forum, which reveals several changes to the upcoming Path of Exile update. Update marked with the number 3.3.0 will appear in June and will have the greatest impact on the character skills system.
  • Final Fantasy XIV Eorzean Symphony Will Start In The USA And Europe [03/26/2018]
    In the 42nd Live Letter of Final Fantasy XIV, composer Masayoshi Soken, sound director for Final Fantasy XIV Online, made an appearance, to announce the first North American and European editions of the Eorzean Symphony.
  • Final Fantasy XIV Is Convincing Players To Subscribe [03/25/2018]
    Final Fantasy is one of the best online games out right now, everything from the graphics to the story is top notch and Stormblood is no different. It is a great expansion offering some nice additions to the game.
  • Path Of Exile's Leagues Always Add Additional Mechanics [03/24/2018]
    In Path of Exile, in maps are treated as items, and may therefore roll a number of random modifications which increase their danger and potential for reward. There are seven different classes for the player to choose from. Class selection has no bearing on the equipment or abilities available to the player. Path of Exile's approach to character abilities is similarly flexible. Skills, spells, and abilities are not tied to specific character classes. Gamers tend to buy currency from U4GM such as poe buy items and chaos orbs poe.
  • Face The Bizarre Evils Together Or Solo In Path Of Exile [03/23/2018]
    About a year ago I came across a video that showed a game extremely similar to Diablo 2 (the style only, of course). I discovered that it was a game still under development by a producer called Grinding Gear Games of New Zealand.
  • The Classes Of Path Of Exile: The Shadow Is A Hybrid Class [03/20/2018]
    Path of Exile was conceived as a free-to-play title that would truly be free to play, with in-app purchases (IAPs) designed not to throw off the game balance or nickel and dime players. Although Path of Exile can't compete with Diablo on a story level (this is a story-light game at present), it certainly holds its own in the looks department. Most excitingly, Path of Exile will take full advantage of the increased horsepower of the Xbox One X. The developers plan to add further enhancements in the future, see more at here.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Update 4.25 Is Available [03/19/2018]
    Final Fantasy XIV, the famous Square Enix MMO, bringing together thousands of players every day, is constantly coming out of content and many adventures are available.
  • Path Of Exile Is A Great Alternative For Diablo Lovers And Genre Fans [03/19/2018]
    The journey to exile is officially open. Crazy monsters are waiting for the heroes who have read on the coast of the Wraeclast continent. Even though you are beginning to be a scumbag, this country is popular and maybe even more like the burning that left behind the third Diablo. There are several reasons.
  • The 4.25 Patch For Final Fantasy XIV Online Introduces New Battle Elements [03/14/2018]
    The 4.25 patch for Final Fantasy XIV Online Stormblood introduces new battle elements, very powerful weapons and more. Today the forbidden land of Eureka Anemos emerges from the fog in FINAL FANTASY XIV with the launch of the 4.25 patch.
  • Path Of Exile: It's Not The Last Of Changes To Bestiary League [03/14/2018]
    In the middle of this week (March 14-16), the developers of the action / RPG Path of Exile are going to release patch 3.2.1 for the PC version of the game. He will add a variety of improvements to the Bestiary League.
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