WoW: Server links for Destromath, Azshara, Alleria and other realms

powerlevelingmall Date: Aug/02/14 09:48:21 Views: 298

For European WoW players soon is a whole range of other server links. In the official forum the Blizzard team published a comprehensive list of the next scheduled Realm connections.

WoW: Server links for Destromath, Azshara, Alleria and other realms

The European WoW servers continue to grow together. Community Manager Rynundu published in the EU official forum World of Warcraft is the list of the next scheduled Realm links. In the coming week, therefore Destromath joins them to the server composite of Mannoroth, Nefarian and Nera'thor. Also eight other links are already provided for the following weeks.


However, no targeted dates are still named for the upcoming shortcuts. Following you can watch the planned WoW server mergers view and see if a server is on which you play. There's also an overview of all completed connections.


The next links:


(PvP) Destromath and Mannoroth / Nefarian / Nera'thor (next week)

(PvP) Nathrezim and Anetheron / Tempest / Rajaxx / Gul'dan (coming soon)

(PvP) Azshara and Krag'jin (coming soon)

(PvP) Gorgonnash and Nefarian / Nera'thor / Mannoroth / Destromath (coming soon)

(PvE) Rexxar and Alleria (coming soon)

(PvP) Kel'Thuzad, Wrathbringer and Arthas / Vek'lor / Blood Furnace (coming soon)

(PvP) Onyxia and Dethecus / Terrordar / Mug'thol / Theradras (coming soon)

(RP PvE) Earthen Ring and The Silver Hand (coming soon)

(RP PvE) Todeswache and Cenarion Circle (coming soon)

Completed Links:


(PvP) Mannoroth / Nefarian / Nera'thor

(PvE) Gilneas / Ulduar

(PvE) Garrosh / Shattrath / Nozdormu

(PvE) Netherstorm / Alexstrasza

(PvE) Un'Goro / Area 52 / Sen'jin

(PvE) Ambossar / Kargath

(PvE) Ysera / Malorne

(PvE) Malygos / Malfurion

(PvE) Tichondrius / Lordaeron

(PvE) Arygos / Khaz'goroth

(PvE) Teldrassil / Perenolde

(PvE) Durotan / Tirion

(PvE) Lothar / Baelgun

(PvE) Norgannon / Dun Morogh

(PvP) Nefarian / Nera'thor

(PvP) Nazjatar / Dalvengyr

(PvP) Arthas / Vek'lor / Blood Furnace

(PvP) Dethecus / Terrordar / Mug'thol / Theradras

(PvP) Coilfang / Taerar / Mal'Ganis

(PvP) Anetheron / Tempest / Rajaxx / Gul'dan

(RP PvP) Emerald Dream / The Death Talon / The Syndicate / The Abyssal Council