WoW Mists of Pandaria Level 86 – 90 Guide

powerlevelingmall Date: Jun/23/14 15:02:13 Views: 343

It is the last leg of the World of Warcraft journey that leveling up from 85 to level 90 and leveling will take place in the new expansion Mists of Pandaria. There are quite a few new zones so you will have at least a couple of choices on where to level up, combining more than one zone at a time can also be done.

Jade Forest Level Level 85-86


Your first time in Pandaria you should head for Jade Forest as it’s the level 85 – 86 zone. It’s the only starting zone and the mobs and quests are the lowest level of the zones. Dawn’s Blossom has quests for both factions and portals and is the biggest quest hub. Bind here to have quick traveling routes to all of Azeroth. The Instance Temple of the Jade Serpent is also in this zone and is worth hitting up.


Valley of the Four Winds and Krasarang Wilds Level 86-87


After finishing up in Jade Forest you can move on to Valley of the Four Winds, questing here can be combined with Krasarang Wilds as both zones are the same level range. Some of the quests cross over the zones, and the zones are right next to each other.


Kun-Lai Summit Level 87-88 


At around level 87 you can move on to Kun-Lai Summit. The zone is huge and leveling to level 88 is pretty quick and easy. The battles between the Horde and Alliance steps up here as they battle for hold of Pandaria.


Townlong Steppes / Dread Wastes / Vale of Eternal Blossoms  Level 88-90


At level 88 you will have a few options for places to level. All these three zones have quests available for level 88 – 89 characters and are viable options for leveling. You can do these zones in any order and switch it up as you like.



Stormstout Brewery Level 85-87

Temple of the Jade Serpent Level 85-87

Mogu’Shan Palace Level 87-89

Shado-pan Monastery Level 87-89