World of Warcraft 1- 60 Leveling up Guide

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In the begining of World of Warcraft, there is no better place than your starting zone, it is no point that in going anywhere else, wow power leveling will be super quick and the 10 -15 first levels shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. The Quests are also very linear and self-explanatory.



Goblin – Kezan / Lost Isles until level 12

Orc and Trolls – Durotar until level 10.

Blood Elves – Eversong Wood until level 10

Tauren – Mulgore until level 10

Undead – Trisfal Glades until level 10

Pandaren – Wandering Isle until level 10


Worgen – Gilneas City / Gilneas until level 12

Draenei – Azuremyst Isle until level 10

Dwarves and Gnomes – Dun Morogh until level 10

Humans – Elwynn Forest until level 10

Night Elves – Teldrassil until level 10

Undead – Trisfal Glades until level 10

Pandaren – Wandering Isle until level 10


Level 10 – 20

After finishing your starting zone, choices will start to open up and you get to travel a bit. But if you want to level as fast as possible I would advise you to go to a zone near your starting zone. Time spent traveling is time wasted, and because leveling will still be extremely fast there is really no point in going too far.


Westfall Level 10 – 15


Westfall is a good zone for humans to go to after Elwynn forest. The instance the Deadmines (15 -20) is also in this zone, so if you can get a group together it’s a good run to get some starting gear and fast XP.


Azshara Level 10 – 20


Mostly a horde zone, Azshara is good for leveling as it’s close to Orgrimmar and can be combined with leveling in the Barrens and Ashenvale.


Bloodmyst Isle Level 10 -20


Bloodmyst Isle is the next zone up for Draenei who are finishing up their starting zone.


Darkshore Level 10 -20


Darkshore is a good place for Horde characters to level in their 20’s. There are a lot of quests here and it connects with Ashvale where you can go when you finish up.


Ghostlands Level 10 -20


Ghostlands is the place to go if you are a Blood Elf that’s finished in Eversong Woods, as the two zones are connected.


Loch Modan Level 10 – 20


Dwarves and Gnomes can move on to Loch Modan after finishing up in Dun Morogh.


Northern Barrens Level 10 – 20


One of the most famous zones in WoW, for both its legendary chat channel and for being a good leveling zone. Most Orcs, Trolls and Tauren will find their way here after their starting zone. All other horde characters should consider traveling to Orgrimmar and then to the Barrens to level. Loads of quick quests here, and the Wailing Caverns instance.


Silverpine Forest Level 10 – 20


Undead characters can start doing quests here after finishing up their starting area. Shadowfang Keep is also located in this zone.


Ruins of Gilneas Level 14 – 16


This zone is connected to both the Worgen Starting Area and Silverpine Forest.


Redridge Mountains Level 15 – 20


This zone is located next to Elwynn Forest, and is ideal to move on to after / when leveling in Westfall.


Instances :


I start using the Dungeon Finder as soon as I can. Just combine using the Dungeon Finder for groups while doing quests elsewhere. You get fast XP and good gear in turn making leveling faster. In the early levels most players are decked out in Heirloom gear, and you will blast through instances in no time.


Ragefire Chasm Level 15 – 21

Deadmines Level 15 – 21

Wailing Caverns Level 15 – 25

Shadowfang Keep Level 16 – 26

Level 20 -40

Now that you are level 20, a few more choices will open up for you. Some of the previous zones will take you into one of the ones below, and cutting down traveling time is still important to level fast. Some zones like Ashenvale and especially Stranglethorn is worth traveling to as the leveling here is very quick.


Ashenvale Level 20 – 25


Ashenvale is a very good leveling zone for both factions with tons of quests and some good rewards. The instance Blackfathom Deeps is also located here with some good quests and will provide quick XP if you do a run or two.


Duskwood Level 20 -25


Duskwood is primarily a Alliance zone and provides some good leveling. It’s a good place to go after Redridge Mountains as it lies right next to it and some quests cross over.


Hillsbrad Foothills Level 20 – 25


Primarily a horde zone after the cataclysm.  Hillsbrad provides horde characters in their 20’s with a lot of quests.


Wetlands Level 20 -25


Mostly a Alliance zone, some decent XP here.


Arathi Highlands Level 25 – 30


Arathi Highlands is an excellent leveling zone for both sides. And if you like PvP you can get some quests here for the Arathi Basin battleground so you can PvP while you level for a while.


Northern Stranglethorn Level  25 – 30


Northern Stranglethorn is a legendary zone, the quest XP here is great and leveling is fast. There are usually a lot of people here, and you will probably be killed a few times if you are on a PvP server.


Stonetalon Mountains Level 25 – 30


Good place to move on to from Ashenvale or the Barrens. Quick XP and quite a few quests.


Cape of Stanglethorn Level 30 – 35


When questing in Northern Stranglethorn you will eventually move towards the Cape of Stranglethorn. It’s pretty much the same zone.


Desolace Level 30 – 35


Good and quick leveling for both factions. The Maraudon instance is also here.


Hinterlands Level 30 – 35


The Hinterlands provides some good XP for both factions.


Southern Barrens Level 30 – 35


Southern Barrens is a very good leveling zone for characters of both factions in their early 30’s. And can be combined easily with leveling in Duswallow Marsh.


Dustwallow Marsh Level 35 – 40


Good zone for both factions. Right next to Southern Barrens which is in the same level range.


Feralas Level 35 -40


Great leveling zone for both classes. A bunch of quests and a great all around zone. The Dire Maul instances are located here.


Western Plaguelands Level 35 – 40


Filled with the undead of the Scourge, the Western Plaguelands provides some good leveling for both factions.


Instances :


Continue to use the Dungeon finder, especially after picking up a good few quests for the various zones. Groups with a lot of heirloom items will still blast through instances in no time.


Blackfathom Deeps Level 20 – 30

The Stockade Level 20 – 30

Gnomeregan Level 24 – 34

Scarlet Monastery: Library Level 29 – 39

Razorfen Kraul Level 30 – 40

Maraudon: The Wicked Grotto Level 30 – 40

Scarlet Monastery: Armory Level 32 – 42

Maraudon: Foulspore Cavern Level 32- 42

Maraudon: Earth Song Falls Level 34 – 44

Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral Level 35- 45

Uldaman Level 35 – 45

Dire Maul: Warpwood Quarter Level 36 – 46


Level 40 – 60

The next leg of the leveling journey is level 40 – 60. Leveling will slow down a bit now but knowing what zones to hit up will make it a lot easier.  I also suggest you gear up at around level 40 by either doing instances or getting some gear of the AH.


Eastern Plaguelands     40-45


After finishing up in Western Plaguelands you can move on to the Eastern Plaguelands. Some of the quests will send you there anyway.


Thousand Needles   40-45


Thousand Needles was flooded during the cataclysm and is now a 40 – 45 zone. It is a good leveling zone for both Factions.


Badlands 45-48


The Badlands is a desert zone with good quests for both factions. The instance Uldaman is also located here.


Felwood 45-50


The corrupted forest of Felwood was made into a 45-50 zone with Cata and is a fairly good leveling zone for both factions.


Tanaris 45-50


Tanaris is one of the best leveling zones for your late 40’s. Tons of quests and fast leveling.


Searing Gorge 48-50


Searing Gorge provides players with some quick and easy XP.


Burning Steppes 50-52


Decent zone for early 50’s leveling.


Un’Goro Crater 50-55


The Un’Goro Crater is a relatively small zone with a selection of quests for both factions.


Winterspring 50-55


Winterspring is a very good zone for leveling in your low to mid 50’s. Good amount of quests and grinding areas.


Swamp of Sorrows 52-54


Used to be mostly a horde zone, but after Cataclysm this zone is a viable option for both factions.


Blasted Lands 54-58


This zone was revamped for Cataclysm and is a very good leveling zone.  It has a lot of quests and good areas to level up.


Scarlet Enclave 55-58


This is the starting Area for Death knights and is only a viable leveling option for Death Knights.


Deadwind Pass 55-60


Deadwind Pass is a tiny zone mostly inhabited by Ogres. Not many quests but good for grinding.


Silithus 55-60


Silithus is a great zone for both factions and is one of the best zones to level in when in your late 50’s.


Instances :

Dire Maul: Capital Gardens Level 39 – 49

Razorfen Downs Level 40-50

Dire Maul: Gordock Commons Level 42-52

Stratholme: Main Gate Level 42-52

Zul’Farrak Level 44-54

Stratholme: Service Entrance Level 46-56

Blackrock Depths: Detention Block Level 47-57

Temple of Atal’Hakkar Level 50-60

Blackrock Depths: Upper City Level 51-61

Lower Blackrock Spire Level 55-65

Upper Blackrock Spire Level 55-65