The meaning of the primary profession and a secondary profession in WoW

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There are two professions you are able to pursue in the game of world of warcraft, the primary profession as well as a secondary profession. You’re given the opportunity to choose two primary professions at one time and you’re able to choose from any secondary profession. Herbalism is a very complimentary profession especially to alchemy and inscription.

While you will find it is possible for alchemists and scribes to be able to trade and buy herbs they also have the ability to be able to gather supplies for free. If this will help to take the cost of having to purchase items in order to complete the main profession.  Herbalism can be a great source of income as the these types of players. While many other professions require you to have a need for special tools in order to gather the items that you need an herbalist requires nothing more than herb bags in order to be able to benefit from their profession. These are special bags that go into your four available big slots that are available in your inventory. They are able to hold a lot more items and standard bags. You’ll find that as your level goes up you’ll also get the ability to get bids that will larger amounts of supplies.The primary ability needed to be an herbalist is the Find Herb which allows them the ability to be able to detect and track nearby plants that are harvestable. This ability is deemed as an apprentice herbalist.While you will find that most all races can become excellent at herbalism the Taurens have the best advantages for the profession.  Although their racial traits give them a distinct advantage in herbalism they still need to undergo training in order to become masters that most abilities.You’ll also see that profession trainers can be located just about everywhere in world of warcraft. Being able to undergo training is necessary in order to level up all five fields of proficiency in your chosen profession.


This can be an incredibly useful profession to undertake especially if you’re able to gather supplies then known as you will be saving money having to get supplies from the auction house or from other players.