Rogue is the principal characters that deal melee damage in WoW

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Rogue is the principal characters that deal melee damage in WoW . They specialize in assassination, combat and stealth. Rogues are unique in the way that they are the only class that are able to dip their weapons in poison and increase DPS. This ability is very useful when playing PvP. Rogue’s are unable to use shields and thus may take more damage. Because of their specialization in assassination, Rogue’s are helpful in supporting a tank.



Although there are lots of options available, Humans should be the only race that can play as Rogue as far i think. If you want to play as a horde character and are in a PvP situation, I’d personally recommend using the Undead. Undead as Rogue is quite a famous choice between WoW players and for all the good reasons too. No need for physical rest, food, air and sleep, what more could one ask for. And similarly if u want to play as alliance then go with Human. The racial ability of Human known as Every Man For Himself is very useful in PvP.


If you think looks matter and are bored with a human body (dead or undead) then and only then I’d recommend using Pandaren as Rogue for both alliance as well as horde. Pandaren’s Safe Fall ability sure comes in handy.




Balancing stats properly can increase the overall efficiency of your Rogue but you should know what stats to give priority to. Since Rogue’s are the front runners of melee attacks you should first give priority to Agility and then there is a draw between Expertise and Melee Hit. Agility will increase your DPS. Expertise cap will lower the frequency of your attacks being avoided while the Melee Hit cap will increase the frequency of your special abilities hitting the enemy. Lowest priority should be given to Crit since you just want to hit and run based on the Rogue’s ability to do so.


Leveling Talents


Rogue’s have many benefits of leveling since they deal in melee attacks. For power leveling a Rogue i recommend on focusing on the Combat spec. For AoE combat spec is the best. Subtlety spec is not as useful since it always requires you to be behind your enemy.


Level 15 – Shadow Focus – While in stealth, special abilities cost 75% less energy. Imagine what you could do with the remaining energy.

Level 30 – Combat Readiness – Who doesn’t want to deflect enemy weapon strikes and top of it all decrease their damage dealt.

Level 45 – Cheat Death – What could be more obvious figuring from the name. Deathly blows from enemies will only decrease your health to 10% instead of killing you. Useful when fighting powerful enemies capable of killing you.

Level 60 – ShadowStep – Want a quick hit and run then this will do the magi for you. Increase your speed by 70% and kill your enemies quickly.

Level 75 – Prey on the Weak – Pretty decent for a high burst comp.

Level 90 – Marked for Death – A great DPS boost. Land 5 Combo points in an instant and should the enemy die within a minute of being marked, the cool down for Marked for Death is reset.