Professional WoW Power Leveling Tips

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World of Warcraft, a popular online computer game featuring a persistent fantasy world and thousands of players that are able to interact simultaneously. Players control characters that gain experience levels as they complete quests and defeat monsters. Power leveling is the practice of trying to gain levels as quickly as possible.


wow power leveling


Questing is an essential part of power leveling in WoW. While killing monsters grants experience, quests often grant many times more experience for the amount of time spent than could have been gained by just killing monsters. As you move through the game, accept as many quests as possible in each new city or area you explore, and set out to complete as many of the quests as possible as fast as possible. Use your mini map to locate the areas where the quests take place, and complete the quests in the order that will involve as little travel as possible. After completing several quests, return to the city or quest hub that you got them from, turn them all in and get new follow-up quests, then repeat your quest circuit. Questing in this manner is especially efficient at lower levels.

Class and Grouping
The class you choose to play will have a large impact on how you will best be able to power level. If you choose a class with high damage potential, such as a rogue, mage, warlock or hunter, you might be best served by going "solo" and killing monsters alone to gain all of the experience. If you are playing a class with less damage skills but more support abilities such as a priest or druid, grouping with a partner that has high damage and supporting them can be a fast way to go through quests and kill monsters. Grouping also is important in PvP areas, where you are at greater risk of being attacked by enemy players if you are solo. In general, it is best to leave an area if you are constantly being harassed by enemy players, because it makes it very difficult to kill monsters and quest efficiently. An effective way to kill large numbers of monsters quickly is to form a group of several characters with area of effect damage abilities. Have one character run around gathering monsters to chase him, then lead the monsters to the group and proceed to use area of effect damage spells to kill all the monsters simultaneously.

Instances are dungeons or battlegrounds that are set apart from the main persistent world.Several versions of the same instance can be running with different players in it at the same time. Instances are often the places where you can get the best equipment in the game, but they are not always good for power leveling. Instances usually require a group to complete, and forming a group and traveling to an instance takes time -- time that you could be spending off killing monsters and questing on your own. Another problem is that hard instances take a long time to complete, and there is a higher danger of death than fighting weaker monsters outside of instances. A good strategy is to do a certain instance once with a strong group to complete all the quests available for that instance, then move on. If you can get four or five quests done with one trip to an instance, it can be worth the time spent. A similar tact should be taken with PvP instances. Compete in each battleground enough to complete the basic quests associated with each one; avoid them after you gain the initial experience since experience gains will slow down significantly after your finish the quests.