powerlevelingmall:WoW Azerothian Super Villains Reviews

powerlevelingmall Date: Sep/23/14 15:29:15 Views: 1118

I don't know if you've ever came across this awesome funny machinima, created by Ian Beckman. It follows a group of four, namely Archimonde, Illidan, Kaelthas and Akama and their attempts to take over the world. It's really funny that's why I thought I'd share it will you guys so you can have a laugh, in total, there are currently eight episodes! I'll link all of them below, so you can have a fun watch :) Enjoy!


I. Proraganda


II. Kaelzilla


III. Hello, Maiev


IV. The One Where They Kidnap Thrall


V. The Stockade Redemption


VI. The Virgin Kael'thas


VII. Attack of the Morons


VIII. The Day the Illidan Died

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