Leveling up your professions by being in a position to farm

powerlevelingmall Date: Jun/22/14 14:51:48 Views: 310

One of the most fun side games that is inside the World of Warcraft is the ability to be able to earn gold in order to purchase the best gear, mounts and other fun items. This ability won’t be changing in Mists of Pandaria however the way that you are able to make gold will.

Farming is one of the smartest ways to start collecting gold when a new expansion is released. When the Cataclysm expansion was released players gained the ability to farm Ore and Pyrite Ore, Elementium and Obsidium Ore. Players gained the opportunity to earn up to 20,000 gold per hour in the first month after the expansion was released and all they needed to do was farm the new ore.In the new expansion Mists of Pandaria you will see that the new ores to farm are Ghost Iron, Trillium and Manticyte. Ghost Iron will be located in three early zone in the game while Manticyte can be located in mid to high level zones while Black and White Trillium can be found in upper level zones.If you want to make sure that you gain maximum profits when you get Mists of Panderia you need to be sure that you have a max level miner as soon as possible. You want to make sure that your miner has great gear so that they can start mining Ghost Iron as soon as possible. Don’t worry about completing quests right now just worry about getting to the proper zones and farming.If you are going to level your character first you should look to get to level 90 as soon as you can so you will be able to start farming as much Trillium and Manticyte as possible. These ores will be highly profitable until the next expansion is released.Farming minerals is not the only way to accumulate a lot of gold as you can also farm a wide array of new herbs.


By being in a position to farm these new items you will not only do well in the auction house you will also do well in leveling up your professions.