Cooking Skill Has Been Revamoed in Warlords of Draenor

powerlevelingmall Date: Aug/09/14 17:32:56 Views: 329

With the latest round of build notes comes some interesting changes with regards to cooking. Many new recipes were added in the build, but most noticeable is the fact all new recipes for Warlords of Draenor cooking state that it is “a recipe for 4 servings” and even more interesting “actual number of servings will vary based on cooking skill.”

Cooking Skill Has Been Revamoed in Warlords of Draenor

Everyone agrees that leveling cooking in Mists of Pandaria was a pain.  With regular cooking skill required to level to 600 PLUS six different “Ways of the ____” to level to 600, it meant a lot of time fishing, killing and farming in order to have the mats to level and the Ironpaw tokens for mats.


Another downside to the “way” cooking is raiders were forced to choose the “Way” that gave them 300 stat food, rather than choosing a way that was most convenient.  And the road to creating 300 stat feasts and noodle carts was painful to say the least.


You have a chance to learn more recipes as you cook food, so it might make sense for those trying to learn all the recipes simply farm or fish whichever ingredients seem to be the easiest to obtain and cook a lot of them until the recipes are learned.  So be sure to have your Chef's Hat at the ready!


It also looks as though by “tasting” a particular food, that you might learn the recipe.  So this will mean that people who want to sell them individually on the auction house to those trying to learn a recipe could make quite a bit of gold.


The two feast recipes have also been slightly adjusted.  Feast of the Waters is now clearly marked as a 10m raid feast while Feast of Blood serves up to 25.  How you learn these recipes is still undetermined.  Right now they are listed as Bind on Pickup recipes called Recipe Idea: Feast of the Waters and Recipe Idea: Feast of Blood.  These also have the notation about eating to learn the recipe – hopefully this won’t result in raiders eating the same feast multiple times in hopes of learning the recipe while leaving the rest of the raiders without being able to get their own serving of the feast.


The feasts also do not increase a primary stat like in the past.  Now, they will increase the highest secondary stat.


Of course, as this is beta, this is always subject to change, but cooking is shaping up to be much more interesting – and much less painful – than it was in Mists of Pandaria.