Celebrate World of Warcraft's 10th Anniversary Preview

powerlevelingmall Date: Aug/07/14 15:55:22 Views: 300

That looks like Blizzard really want to make this celebration something special. A 40-man raid, a mount and a pet and an old school PvP area.


So this is what we’ll get this November 10:


  • Tarren Mill vs. Southshore: The Rematch – if any of you remembers the old days when there is a Horde vs. Alliance constant battle between Southshore and Tarren Mill, then this is something you’ll enjoy for sure. A new Team Deathmatch–style Battleground will be created based on that event and this time we will know who the winner is (FINALLY!)

Tarren Mill vs. Southshore

  • LFR 40-man Molten Core – The well known vanilla raid instance, Molten Core, will be boosted and prepared for LFR 40-man difficulty. Along with it we’ll be rewarded an Achievement and a Core Hound mount.

LFR 40-man Molten Core

  • Molten Corgi pet – this pet will be available for everyone who’ll log during the 10th anniversary.

Molten Corgi pet

I’m honestly waiting for the new Molten Core, even if it’s only for LFR, but I’ll take a look over the Southshore battle as well… I have some nice memories there. What do you guys think about this celebration?