The way to Install ArcheAge on Multiple PCs Conveniently

powerlevelingmall Date: Jul/04/14 14:02:24 Views: 397
  1. Copy the contents of your archeage install to a removable media disk (thumbdrive portable harddrive). This is by default stored here: C:Program Files (x86)GlyphGamesArcheAge
  2. Install Glyph on the computer you want to play on, try to install it to the same location as your other machine. Instead of pressing update/install, close Glyph.
  3. Press the windows key + r at the same time, a run dialogue box will come up type in “regedit” and press enter
  4. Once the regedit widows pops up, follow these steps:
  • Locate the HKEY_USERS folder and navigate to > S-1-5-21-…somenumber (this is usually the last folder, if you have multiple users you may need to look around for the correct one) > Software > Trion
  • Right click on the Trion folder and select “export”, save it as registry_aa_usr (name not important)
  • Locate the HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder and navitage to > Software > Trion
  • Right click on the Trion folder and select “export”, save it as reigstry_aa_cur (name not important)
  • Put the two registry files we just saved on the same removable media drive
  • Copy everything from the removable media drive to it’s appropriate location on the new machine (keep the paths the same if possible) rightclick on registry_aa_usr and tell windows to merge, do the same with registry_aa_cur
  • If windows doesn’t allow you to merge one of the registry files, you may need to manually insert the data. To do so:
  • open regedit, navigate to where the registry data should be located, change all the keys/create keys to have the same values as those in the registry file exports you created.
  • Re-open Glyph, it should now say “play” instead of “install”. Press play and you should be able to play the game.