Are you enjoy the process you playing Archeage with your friends

powerlevelingmall Date: Jul/07/14 14:10:02 Views: 303

Are you engrossed with the housing system of WildStar right now? I totally am and echo reader Sean's statement when he says, "I'm a homeowner damnit! Fear me!"

There's just nothing scarier than grown men and women playing virtual dollhouse and paying money for the privilege. Although, to be fair, it's not that much different from your 50-year-old uncle who builds elaborate model train landscapes in his basement. Sometimes we just want a little slice of the world to fully control.

Hey JohnD, that is one spiffy ride you have there! Me, well, I wouldn't have the confidence to trot around the countryside giving immature players an opportunity to fling variations of "ass" at me in chat, but obviously I lack the confidence that you have. That is one cute ass, though!


"I'm enjoying ArcheAge," JohnD wrote. "The joy of finally having a donkey!"

Do you have a friend or family member whom you game with? It's really awesome unless they're (or you're) a shutterbug, constantly stopping to take pictures of butterflies while the other gets pwned by a mutant fire gorilla. Oddly enough, the mutant fire gorillas eat regular bananas. Who would have thought?


"This pic of from the first day my wife and I entered Aion," reader Justin submitted. "She really thought this emote was cute and demanded I take a pic at once."

Your screenshot challenge of the week is to head back to your favorite beginning zone and photograph the living heck out of it. Which one delivers all of the feels? We'd like to see it!