ArcheAge Cash Shop Marketplace Opened Up in Patch 1.2

powerlevelingmall Date: Jul/19/14 13:58:10 Views: 310

In the latest ArcheaAge update adds a massive red dragon, new pets, cash shop and more a couple of days ago on the Alpha, of which the Expansion Scrolls for bags / bank also on hot sale now in ArcheAge cash shop marketplace. Now the price of expansion scrolls only need 300 Credits (Below).

ArcheAge Cash Shop Marketplace Opened Up in Patch 1.2

Cash Shop is a real money store, you can free to browse the wares in a real life market and complete with full displays of the merchandise. If you are not satisfied with your character's appearance, where re-set by Salon and Gender in the top of your character, of course, you also can buy Labor potion, various beautiful Ally's Wings, custom clothing and so on. If you are rich, also can click "Gift", put your items presented to your friend. You purchased ArcheAge items can received by Mail system directly.


Are cash shop items tradeable? Guildie reporting that tax certs and labor pots are on the AH, so some are at least. What's more, they can be gifted. Another, if you spend all Credits money you have, it will reset and will have back all the credits your spend during Alpha and Closed Beta at Launch.


For the Cash Shop Marketplace on the line in ArcheAge update, many players worry that the cash shop will destroyed the balance of ArcheAge online, in fact, there will not sell any items to undermine the balance of game. If you want to say it is unbalanced about one player has 200 cells of bags while you just only 50 cells, personal do not know what to say to you, after all this is a free game, the main source of income is from the purchase of the game's micro-currency to operate the game more better.


OK, if are still not clear this ArcheAge Cash Shop Market, share a good and hot video about the first impressions of ArcheAge Cash Shop by Pohx Kappa player, hope can help you and know more this cash shop store. Enjoy the ArcheAge online game!